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The Handicrafts Bazaar “Chahārsūq”

UniversityIran University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersDr.Mehdi Khakzand
Design TeamNafiseh Golestani - Mohadeseh Al-Sadat Hamidi - Seyed Jamal Mirjalili, Seyed Mohammad reza Mahmoodi
Project LocationBandar Abbas
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Entry Description

Chahārsūq, the intersection of two Bazaar’s main passageways, is considered the primary design concept of this project.Due to the definitions, the significance of Chahārsūq stems from its location and its particular functions.It plays a crucial role, the main venue for enhancing social interactions and local communications, a feature that here is adopted as the general design approach.Accordingly, in this project, recreational spaces are considered alongside commercial ones to accustom users to novel spaces and encourage customers to come back...