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A Healing Temple on the Top Floor

CompanyTienfun Interior Planning LTD.
Lead DesignersChing-Ping Chang
Project LocationTaichung, Taiwan
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Religious, Symbolic and spiritual buildings/monume
Entry Description

If there is still a temple you are looking for in the world? The answer is yes and not.
This Temple on the top floor is a place able to bring you calm and brightness, and is where to find the Buddha in our inner world.
Here, you can build the spiritual connection with the Buddha; be warmed, comforted and touched. You can meditate under the light of the Buddha.
Through the building, the doctrine of Buddhism can be propagated and help us to get back the simplicity and essence of the Buddha in our hearts.
You can learn that the life is immortal and discover the boundless state of mind.