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Zhongjian · Cloud Mansion Aesthetics Center, Jinan

Lead DesignersYang Qiang, Zhuo Jinxin, Lin Xiaoda
Design TeamZhang Ying, Wei Silei, Yin Kekuan, Shen Luyao, Xu Jianfeng, Su Zhicheng, Qiu Zihan, Ke Zhengcan
Project LocationJinan, China
ClientShandong Zhongjian City Development Co., Ltd.
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Entry Description

The project consists of two clubs. The club above the ground accommodates open functions and spaces, including reception, art display, cafe and art street, while the underground club contains private functions such as wellness & fitness, children's recreation area, private reception and tranquil courtyard.
The facades continue the precise craftsmanship of the residential development. The color palette of champagne-toned and silver aluminum plates, together with the translucent U-shaped glass and champagne-toned metal mesh of the main entrance volume, produces a simple yet stylish facade image.