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JIANFA · NATURAL PRIDE Art Center, Yinchuan

Lead DesignersYang Qiang, Yao Shixiong, Lin Xiaoda
Project LocationYinchuan, China
ClientYinchuan Jianfa Group Co., Ltd.
CreditsPhotos by: Tumai Image, Zou Fenghan|4U STUDIO
Prize(s)Silver in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
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Entry Description

The Art Center is divided into two parts, an art center with the theme of art and nature and the Rock Park themed on sports, which are arranged opposite each other on two sides of the site at a street corner. The building is set in an L-shape, integrating into the calm water yard with an open posture. The translucent and regular glass lighthouse erecting at the front court forms a strong contrast with the natural, organic form of the main building body. The team chose two simple primitive materials, slate roof tiles and wood-texture aluminum plates to bring the architecture and nature closer.