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Zhejiang College of Construction (Shangyu Campus)

Lead DesignersLu Dan, Dong Danshen
Design TeamWang Qiyu, Xu Yan, Chen Xiaolong, Yuan Shuai, Zhang yizhe, Xia Huangjing, Xia Yan, Zhou Jiawei, Wang Zhenggang, Xuan Jican, Chen Xiao, Jin Shengjie, Wang Pengfei, Lin Fengrao, Ren Zhiyong, Zhu Liang, Li Qianwen, Yang Bin, Tang Ruichen
Project LocationShaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
ClientShangyu Economic Development Zone Investment & Development Group
CreditsZY Architectural Photography
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

Different from conventional campus layout centering on large squares and axes, the protect takes waterscapes and green islands as the core of the master planning. In response to local unique hilly terrain, the charm of mountains and water are fused into the campus via design expressions. The teaching cluster employs a village-like layout. Built with gray bricks and tiles, and roofs at staggered heights, teaching buildings fully blend into the landscaped campus. Based on the concept of "In between equal spaces", the project constructed a campus with friendly facades and a cultural character.