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Edge Desk

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Emerging PRODUCT DESIGNER of the year
Entry Description

Edge Desk - The design of the desk is aimed at design professionals or design studios looking for a system of organizing design space into one working area. Angular unified geometric form of one body is shown as exploration of surface in a desk. The geometric form suits ambidextrous sides of work area for people with various preferences. The form of the desk allows for convenient way of performing tasks mainly associated with creative’s who do mainly sketching or other various design work. This is achieved by having the edges of the desk chamfered in the area where the wrist meets the edge in order to create a more ergonomically comfortable sketching experience. The other spatial orientations include the overhanging shelve like units to accommodates storage for markers, paper, or even a desktop pc without cluttering the work area. The system aspect of the desk, allows for its form to be arranged in various special configurations according to the desires of the available area or client. The desk can be placed in configurations as follows: symmetrical, radial and asymmetrically.