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Private Residence in Beijing

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

Wong Shek Public Pier’s Architectural Roof Design is the first of its kind in the Northeast New Territories Region. The Design Team ventured beyond the functions of “shelter”, creating a roof design which fulfills both functionality and aesthetics. With the surrounding nature and tranquility, Wong Shek Public Pier is a landmark architectural feature for promoting ecotourism.

Shunning conventional continuous shelter design, the team designed a series of shelters which vary in height, shapes and angles. The resulting design is contemporary urban chic, which yet harmoniously integrates with nature. Overlapping of roofs provides shelter from rain as well as allows free flow of hot air.

The three-dimensional “roofs” of the pier are supported by slim & tilting columns which makes the engineering design very challenging. With commitment from the Design Team, an architectural design fulfilling functionality and aesthetics, meeting high standards required for Environmental Impact Assessment and Ports Work Design Standards, is achieved.