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Times City, Shenyang

CompanyGuangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersYue Wang
Design TeamYue Wang, Rui Fan, Wei Du, Jiamin Dai, Wenwen Zhao, Nicheng Wang, Chi Cheng, Binbin Yao, Hu Sun
Project LocationShenyang, China
ClientCR Land (Shenyang)
CreditsPhoto by: ZOOMARCH
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landscape
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Entry Description

The site is full of historical traces and memories. We tried to respond to and tinker with the properties of the site. Living in such a site, we hoped that it was not an isolated place, but a continuation and positive response to the history of the site. A large area of forest and greenery was used to reduce the air pollution caused by the original industry and regenerate the site.

A variety of modern leading vacation and relaxation lifestyles were implanted in the forest. The smooth linkage of spaces created more possibilities of interaction between people.