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Cloud Mansion, Guangzhou

CompanyGuangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersZhiying Ou
Design TeamChenyang Sun, Xiaofang Zhong, Ming Shen, Jie Yang, Zhipeng Sun, Chao Jiang, Zhaoyuan Xu, Tingting Li, Qing Dong, Zhihui Chen, Hu Sun
Project LocationGuangzhou, Guangdong, China
ClientRSUN Real Estate, China Merchants Property Development Co., Ltd. , Langold Real
CreditsPhoto by: Inch Studio, Ne-sunshine
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Entry Description

A New Model of Artistic Ecological Settlement
Inspired by the vastness of the universe, the project used the storyline of science fiction to start an exploration journey, made the site multifunctional and created a pure imaginative space combined with modern innovative ways. With the intervention of landscape, the quality and artistry of the project are enhanced, the site is more highlighted, the technological attributes of the site is activated, and the natural ecology is integrated into the site to create a comfortable and pleasant natural living place.