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LifeStudio Mobile Plus

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Prize(s)Silver in Media And Home Electronics / Home Computers
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Entry Description

The 500GB LifeStudio Mobile Plus external hard drive redefines the function and purpose of the hard drive, moving beyond backup and storage to facilitate organization and sharing.

Until now, hard drives have been a vault for digital documents—an emergency copy of the computer in case something goes wrong. LifeStudio Mobile Plus takes innovation beyond the box to serve a new generation of users: on-the-go content creator who works from multiple computers, laptops and smart phones throughout the day.

Mobility is the inspiration behind the design of this device, which introduces the industry’s first integrated 4GB USB key. Users can drag content onto the key for instant access, making it easier to collaborate on team projects, share photos with friends and family, or transport documents between home and work. Modified content then syncs with the drive when the key is docked.

As the defining physical feature, the patent-pending integrated USB key is the focal point of the design. Recessed sculpting surrounds the key, enabling quick removal. The inside of the surround is molded in a light blue that encircles the new feature with an aura. The Mobile Plus has a dynamic stance inspired by its heightened user interaction. It appears to lean back in its cradle with a poise that helps to personify the drive, making it a more engaging presence on the desktop. The drive’s overall appearance is high-tech, yet friendly. Glossy plastic, available in white or black, creates a modern aesthetic, while repeated curved corners on the drive, dock and key take the stark edge off of technology.

The Mobile Plus includes software automatically organizes files in an easy-to-find visual format. Designed to work with the evolving ways in which people use and share technology, the Mobile Plus automatically pulls together and organizes photos, videos, music and documents from your computer, connected USB devices and social media outlets such as Facebook and Flickr.