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Ecotech institution

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

Institution For Eco-Technology Development
"With Experimental Production Facilities"

This "future" Institution is a complex that provides the possibility to produce the idea through interdisciplinary collaboration, to realize the ideas in workshops "in production laboratories" and to share with the general public on regular basis.

The three warehouse-like buildings are workshops "manufactories" each one is a specific manufactory for a research based experimental production. Having simple architectural image these three "mega-laboratories" can provide facilities for the "eco" scholars and students to realize their conceptual ideas.

Three "mega-laboratories" are connected with the building that provides educational and research facilities "including areas for leisure time, cafeteria small library etc.". The general setting is partially similar to industrial buildings however the configuration is different and the overall architectural image of the complex is thought to conceptualize the future educational institution.

Administration part and the exhibition halls are in the front side of the complex. The complex has two main entrances and several additional ones.


Since September of 2009 I'm Postgraduate architecture student in Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction.
my web-site: www.vahan-architecture.com
my email: vahan.architect@gmail.com