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Coffee Watch

CompanyLilienthal Lifestyle GmbH
Lead DesignersLars Hofman
Design TeamJulie Roland, Barbara Brzostko, Jacques Colman
Prize(s)Silver in Accessory / Accessories ( Eyewear, watches, gloves, Hat, Belts
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Entry Description

The Coffee Watch is the world's first watch made from recycled coffee, or more precisely, coffee grounds collected from cafés and roasteries in Berlin. In an upcycling process, developed by our partners from Kaffeeform, these coffee grounds become a durable material. Color, structure and even, for a little while, the coffee aroma are preserved. The design is clearly inspired by coffee as it features shapes of coffee cups and beans. For the harmonic look, the crown was recessed into the case back. The Bauhaus-style dial adds further elegance to the minimalistic appeal!