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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Entry Description


This design is a form of landscape architecture that uses architectural symbolism to unite cultural and religious ideologies in to one architectural form. Along with that it aims to conclude the compositional arrangement of the central square in Yerevan, which was violated after removing idolatry symbol of Soviets from it, as well as to achieve aesthetic and socio-behavioral effects on general public of the city.

How and Why?

For these purposes the design includes several basic shapes that are relative to the general public. Those shapes which are made of light metals are easily associated with the mountain Ararat with Noah’s Arc on it. Specifically designed spacial arrangement of those shapes enable the general public to easily recognize the well known silhouette from all perspectives inside the square. The “statue” serves as a reminder of almost forgotten cultural ideologies of the ancient as well as Christian Armenia. The design looks transparent in order to be harmonically included in existing urban environment without destroying the historically shaped image of the square.


Since September of 2009 I'm Postgraduate architecture student in Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction.
my web-site: www.vahan-architecture.com
my email: vahan.architect@gmail.com