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11-Arch Bridge Facade Lighting Design

CompanyShanghai Xiandai Architectural Decoration & Landscape Design
Lead DesignersYang Yun
Design TeamZou Yong, Zhou Na, Shi Boyi
Project LocationShanghai,China
CreditsPhoto By WDI Studio, Zou Yong
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

The lighting design divides the whole bridge facade into two parts: 1)On the external facade of the railing, buried linear wall washer is used for grazing light, creating extended bright surface that outlines the elegant and undulating contour of the bridge. 2)As the facade lighting of the bridge is critical, the designer used annular side-emitting wall-mounted lamps for illumination of the outer walls of the bridge, paired with underwater floodlights projecting upward from the junction of the arch and water surface to strengthen the arc-shaped outline of the arch.