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SafER Medical Portable Negative Pressure System

CompanyROBRADY design
Lead DesignersRob Brady
Design TeamCraig Randall, DO, FACOEP, Rick Blubaugh, DO, Misty Denevan, NP-C, Todd Baker, MD, FACEP, Matthew Vergin, Steve MacFarlane, Michael Winterhalter
Project LocationBranson, MO
ClientSafER Medical Products, LLC
Prize(s)Silver in Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Prevent the Spread of Airborne Contaminants
Capture particles at the source. Our innovative family of products enable users to limit the transmission of respiratory particles including while administering respiratory treatments and procedures in a portable negative pressure environment. These cost-effective and innovative medical product solutions bring a portable negative pressure environment to provide patients and healthcare workers with an innovative defense against airborne contaminants.


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