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White Magnolia Art Center

CompanyChallenge Design & Jaz Build
Lead DesignersXu Peng
Design TeamDu Qifeng, Zhu Kunlong, Wang Jirong, Yu Guobao, Xu Yinchun, Chen Dilong, Li Xiaobin
Project LocationYibing, China
ClientYibing Liya Liangdian Group
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Entry Description

The architectural concept is taken from the white magnolia that is the city flower of Yibin, which are like falling in the forest park in all seasons. Involving nature with the lightest and abortive posture and lines is a consistent concept in the design process.Endowed with aesthetic features, glulam materials are not only part of the structure but also used as decor to enrich the space. In such a structure, the interior is closer to nature, creating an artistic atmosphere and a harmonious environment, and enriching the narrative of the space.