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Multi-Functional Auditorium, NCU

CompanyJJP Architects and Planners
Lead DesignersJoshua J. Pan, FAIA
Design TeamJong-Yu Cheng,Chung-Tsai Huang,Qui-Min Sae-Tang,Mitcheal Huang,Ady Tsai,Pen Lee,Hsiao-Mei Shih,Judy Yang,We-Ker Kuo,Yen-Lin Huang,Chien-Yuan Liang
Project LocationTaoyuan, Taiwan
CreditsPHOTO: Jay Liou,Chien-Yuan Liang,Chien-Lin Chen
Prize(s)Silver in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
Entry Description

The design of the complex promotes sustainable development of the campus, with the integration of the existing contours of the campus and vegetation with surrounding open spaces to facilitate outdoor and semi-outdoor activities. Hence, this interactive artistic platform not only satisfies the variety of needs of the university, but also realize a triple-win strategy for the government, the university and the local residents by creating a cultural destination for all.


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