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ANT Autonomous Towing Robot

UniversityIran University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersN.Noktehsanj ,M.Kamari ,M.Hosseinpour ,S.Rahmani
Design TeamNavid Noktehsanjavval , Mozhgan Kamari Bidkorpeh , Mohsen Hosseinpour , Sahand Rahmani Khaki
CreditsAdvisor: Dr.Behrooz Mahmoodzadeh
Prize(s)Gold in Design For Society / Design for Society
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Entry Description

ANT is an autonomous towing robot. It reduces error rate and relief time and provides relief in the most useful and stable system using IOT technology and its autonomy .
This stable system, by connecting to IOT technology and having the possibility of moving the robot under the vehicles in traffic, can be informed of the occurrence of vehicle breakdowns and tow the vehicle in a timely manner without human intervention. Also, the user can follow the steps through the designed application to be informed about the relief conditions.