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Plaza Cowork

CompanyDos Design Studio
Lead DesignersCammy Aw & Adrian Ramirez
Project LocationGuayaquil, Ecuador
CreditsPhotos by Jarol Nelson & Paul Vera
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Renovation
Entry Description

Located in the heart of Guayaquil and inspired by its surrounding downtown’s historic arched portals, 'Plaza Cowork' is a coworking site that was built to manifest the intersection of an upscale office space and a home-like comfortable environment. Arches and curves create not only dynamism but also frame views of different interior spaces, enhancing a collaborative environment through an open office plan. Common spaces are distinguished by ceiling and lighting design rather than by isolating walls; covered with warm wood, golden accents and a combination of bright and dark colors.


DOS Architects is an award-winning design firm focused on the enhancement of human experiences created through architecture, interior and urban design.