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Mark of Time

UniversityRochester Institute of Technology
Lead DesignersWenxi Qi | Hengbo Zhang | Yanhui Ban
Design TeamWenxi Qi | Hengbo Zhang | Yanhui Ban
Project LocationUnited States of America
Prize(s)Silver in Office Equipment / Stationery
Entry Description

People often say that "time rushes" and "time flies." Every day there are 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds in a reciprocal cycle. In the rotation of the hands, "time" passes in a hurry, without leaving any mark.

This stamp gives "time" a mark. It can be used to plan, record, and commemorate. These small marks witness the existence of our time in the expectation, experience, and passing.

Just like carving the boat in the fast stream to mark a lost sword, we can't get it back, but when we look at these marks, they remind us of the significance of happenings.