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UniversityShahid Beheshti University of Tehran
Lead DesignersAbhari, Googerdchian, Nikfarjam
Design TeamMohammad Heidari Abhari, Hamidreza Googerdchian, Mahdi Nikfarjam
Project LocationTehran, Iran
Prize(s)Gold in Education / Self learning devices
Entry Description

D-I-Y and flexible chair made of high-impact sheets to respond to the playfulness and the liveliness of children. Thin high-impact sheets in a firm and optimized structure provide our chair with extra elasticity that is also suitable for mass production. Kids' muscles are amazing! Sitting still for even a short time can be quite boring for them. They are not as strong as ours, but they recover so much quicker than we do when they do bouts of play or activity. So, the best posture for kids is the changeable one. Swinging, wiggling, and bouncing during sitting is the kind of sitting for kids.