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TP-Link Deco Line

CompanyWhipsaw, Inc.
Lead DesignersDan Harden
Design TeamWei Gu, Akifusa Nakawaza
Project LocationSan Jose, California
Prize(s)Silver in Media And Home Electronics / Consumer electronics and cameras
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Deco is a high-performance home WiFi system. Its proprietary mesh technology lets it automatically switch devices to the best signal while users move through the house. These products are exquisite in form, detail, and color. Our metaphorical design symbols suggest speed, range, or purpose: DecoV20, the first mesh router with a speaker, has a bright red acoustic conic reflector. DecoM4 releases lots of heat, so its top vent grill is its main design detail. DecoX80, a 5G router, has a spinning top form to suggest power. X20 and M9 have a top step detail that suggests long range.