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KODA Robot Dog

CompanyWhipsaw, Inc.
Lead DesignersDan Harden
Design TeamWei Gu, Akifusa Nakazawa
Project Locationsan Jose, California
ClientDelu Robotics
Prize(s)Gold in Media And Home Electronics / Robotics
Project LinkView
Entry Description

KODA is a robot dog used as a companion, seeing-eye dog, or guard dog to patrol a property. Its 3-D surround-view cameras and motors, including the neck and tail, give it dog-like gestures. KODA runs, climbs stairs, learns from its environmental conditions, and responds to its owner’s voice commands and emotional states due to its advanced AI. Its design reflects a good balance between a friendly labrador and a slightly intimidating doberman to fit its many purposes. Each KODA is connected to a blockchain network that shares data among the pack, so every KODA gets smarter over time.