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Logitech Voice M380 Wireless Mouse

CompanyLogitech Europe S.A.
Lead DesignersSamantha Stevenson
Design TeamLogitech Design Team Europe + AP
Prize(s)Bronze in Media And Home Electronics / Consumer electronics and cameras
Entry Description

Click, talk, and it’s typed. Feel your productivity soar with the Logitech Voice M380.Dictate up to 400 words per minute with 98% accuracy, with direct input and instant translation into a variety of world languages. You can also enjoy a comfortable rubber grip, reliable 10m wireless connection and 18 months’ battery life with the Logitech promise of durability and reliability. For seamless connectivity, the Logitech VOICE M380 supports online and offline connectivity. In the online mode, the voice can be recognized more accurately, and when the network is unstable, it can also be switched to