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Sporty Fisherman 50 feet

CompanyMarco Abbate Ph.D. Architect, Industrial & Yacht Designer
Lead DesignersMarco Abbate
ClientConcept proposal
Prize(s)Silver in Transportation / Nautical/Boats
Entry Description

The concept of this boat started in 2018 with the aim to propose a personal declination of a classic American yacht: the Fisherman. Lately, this architecture was modified erasing the front windscreen of the main deck. A transformation obtained making “blind” the glass surfaces. Now, I supposed that layout is not so adapt in EU seas. So, I propose a reconfiguration of this detail, coming back to the previous architecture. Recovering the glass in the windscreen is possible increase the day light in the main deck, reintroducing the past inner pilot consolle, more comfortable to EU customers.


Marco Abbate is Licensed Architect, Ph.D. Yacht Designer for Sustainable Product, Adjunct Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Technical Advisor at the Court of Bergamo, member at RINA-UK. I am a designer since 1989 and my interests range among building renovations, houses architecture, historical buildings restoration. As Industrial and FF&E designer, I drew cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops. Moreover, I designed safety helmets. As Ph.D.-Yacht Designer, I designed hybrid propelled boats, supported by photovoltaic technology, and conducted studies for removal architectural barriers aboard.

Awards and Prize

IDA Design Award - Silver Medal 2021
IDA Design Award - Silver Medal 2020
IDA Design Award - Gold Medal 2019
EPDA Design Award - Honorable Mentions 2020