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Studio 1452

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays
Entry Description

LOCATION: 1542 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA,
DIMENSIONS: 7,500 sf,

Studio 1452 – the West Coast headquarters for the KMS and Goldwell hair care brands - is a project about beauty, its creation and perception.

The project is located in a 1920s masonry structure within a busy retail district of Santa Monica. It represents a first for the parent company, KPSS. It is the launch site for a new business model that brings together three functions in one space: Hair Salon, Training Academy and Corporate Offices. It also represents the prototype for a branding approach that positions their two very distinct product lines in the same location.

The branding, graphics and retail display design is woven throughout the project. The view from the street presents a composition of layered imagery and graphics meant to be both inviting and informative. Once inside, the spaces are designed to communicate KMS and Goldwell seasonal marketing campaigns and evolving product lines.

We were asked to create a framework that would unify the company’s two brands within a cohesive identity. A flexible, scalable retail cabling system supports display shelving, lighting, and graphic panels. Custom-mounted LCD monitors are integrated throughout the public and private spaces, providing opportunities for communication, training, and branding. Large scale imagery and text are woven into the spaces - a narrative superimposed on the architecture, making it accessible and personal.


Susan Narduli works at the intersection of art, architecture and technology. She imagines a future based on the synergistic evolution of physical and virtual environments, creating projects that make visible a new typology of public space. Her Los Angeles studio explores the boundaries of technology and meaning with spaces that are experience driven. Narduli holds a BFA, a Masters of Architecture and is a licensed architect. As Creative Director of Narduli Studio she guides the conceptual evolution of the work. Prior to starting her firm she was Project Designer for Frank Gehry. 

Awards and Prize

London International Creative Competition Award
International CODA Award: 2020(2),2019,2018
Creative Communication Gold Award: User Experience Design
Americans for the Arts|Year in Review: 2018,2017,2011,2009
Exceptional Public Art Award: Allied Arts Board
IDA International Design Award Gold (2)
IDA International Design Award Silver
CODA Video Award
AIA Award of Excellence
AIA Award in Urban Design & Planning
AIA Next Los Angeles Award
AIA Honor Award