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handisure: The Fix & Forget, Child Safety Doorstop

UniversityUniversity College London
Lead DesignersPulathis Siriwardana
Project LocationLondon
CreditsVineth Siriwardana
Prize(s)Bronze in Children Products / Safety
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Entry Description

Nearly 300,000 children go to hospital and 15,000 loose fingers each year in the US due to door crush injuries. My son nearly crushed his hand because I forgot to place a doorstop. Almost all door finger guards need to be placed consciously. ‘handisure®’ is a self-engaging, child safety doorstop which provides hinge and lock side protection. It is unreachable to toddlers and has a unique ‘smart head™’ function which stops the door from closing, even if a toddler passes through the door. It is minimalistic, very easy to install, has no mechanical working parts and designed to be door friendly.

Awards and Prize

1. UK Design council Spark Award-2018
2. European Product Design Award- Winner in Children Products/Safety
3. European Product Design Award-Winner in Home Interior Products
4. Platinum award for the Best British Invention–Consumer category–
2018 (British Inventions Show)
5. Diamond award for the Best International Design-Consumer category-
2018 (British Inventions Show)
6. Harrow Business Den–Finalists 2020