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UniversityNational Taipei University of Education
Lead DesignersShih-Hsuan Chiu , Hui-Ying Hsu , Xiang-Yun Chen
Design TeamShih-Hsuan Chiu , Hui-Ying Hsu , Xiang-Yun Chen , Prof. Kai-Chu Li
Prize(s)Silver in Industrial And Life Science Design / Aids/Prosthetics
Entry Description

NGTF is a feeding device designed for patients with a nasogastric tube. When the patient needs to eat, through APP or manual device, the patient can control the flow rate of NGTF and the amount of consumption, so that the patient's family or medical staff do not need to feed the patient regularly with nutrients. Feeding the patients with nutrients, the patients can use NGTF to feed nutrients conveniently at home and when going out, which greatly simplifies the feeding process for premature babies and vegetative, and reduces the burden of care for family members or medical staff.