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Saint Mary's Student Chapel

CompanyMark Cavagnero Associates
Lead DesignersMark Cavagnero
Design TeamMark Cavagnero Associates, Roebbelen Contracting, Inc., Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, CSW|S T 2, Mar Structural Design, Costa Engineers, Inc, O'Mahony & Myer, Costa Engineers, Inc, Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc., Archdiocese of Omaha, Cushing Associates, Stansen Specifications
Project LocationBerkeley, CA
ClientSaint Marys College High School
CreditsPhotos: Henrik Kam
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Religious, Symbolic and spiritual buildings/monume, Gold in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

Nestled into the entry of Saint Mary’s College High School campus, the rise of the Student Chapel’s sleekly articulated white concrete provides an icon marking the community. A simple palette of concrete, wood, and stone with the extensive glazing creates a light-filled and inviting space. Approach to the Student Chapel follows a gently articulated white concrete block wall. From this path, visual access to the chapel is hinted at through a wall of glazing and defined by a large wooden screen. A small courtyard hugs the entrance at the rear of the building.


With clarity in form and function, and roots in their surroundings, Mark Cavagnero’s projects mirror and honor their communities. Since the firms founding in San Francisco in 1993, Mark Cavagnero has built the practice on flexible design, simple solutions, and a palette of elemental materials of glass, concrete, and wood. The firm’s consistent consideration of each project’s context has garnered clients’ trust, and has allowed the firm to drop architectural gems throughout the city of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area that tie their communities together.

Awards and Prize

2017- Architect- The Architect 50: Ranked #2 in Business

2016- Architect- The Architect 50: Top Design Firms in the Nation

2015- AIA California Council: Maybeck Award

Architect- The Architect 50: Ranked #23 in Design

2014- Architect- The Architect 50: Ranked #8 in Design, #10 Overall in the Nation

2013 - Architect- The Architect 50:Ranked #29 Overall in the Nation

San Francisco Business Times: Top 50 Bay Area Architecture Firms

2012- AIA California Council: 2012 Firm Award

Architect- The Architect 50: Ranked #16 in Design, #19 Overall in the Nation