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SPLIT | Interactive Title Sequence

UniversityRaffles Design Institute Jakarta
Lead DesignersCindy Kurniawan
CreditsLecturers: Lee Kin Keong, Christo Wahyudi
Prize(s)Silver in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
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Entry Description

SPLIT is a 2016 American psychological-thriller movie by M. Night Shyamalan, which follows a man suffering from identity disorder, with 24 personalities identified. SPLIT heavily explores the nature of the distorted mind, on how an individual’s thought and action could be contradictive due to the conflict of many personalities.

This project allows the audience to experience the intense yet complex mind of the main character. Experimental is the new approach, exploring interactivity and the possibility of how a title design can play further role in marketing. Available in 2 versions.