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ironMATIK® Space Saver

CompanyIronmatik, LLC
Lead DesignersIronmatik, LLC
Prize(s)Bronze in Design For Society / Design for Society
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Entry Description

The ironMATIK® Space Saver is today's most innovative ironing board. UTILITARIAN: The silicone iron tray and strap keep your iron attached to the ironing board so you can store them together! SPACE SAVER: Close the board with ease using the collapse-proof lock and hang it with the durable hanger! ERGONOMIC: Adjust the iron tray for left-hand or right-hand use; choose from 8 height options; and iron comfortably thanks to the triple-layer cover and padding. AESTHETIC: It looks like a space ship with its gorgeous silver and red accents, making ironing an experience to be had rather than a chore!


Ironmatik, LLC is a certified U.S. women-owned small business. Our founder and her family love to sleep in crisp bed sheets, wear clothes without wrinkles, and work on quilting projects - all of which require a lot of ironing!

Over the years, the entire family got frustrated with the ironing boards they found in the market. No matter how much they cost, those other ironing boards were either too wobbly, without enough padding, or were impossible to store with the iron attached!

So, the family made it a mission to design innovative ironing products with every detail in mind.

Awards and Prize

U.S. & International Patents;
International Design Award 2020 (Bronze)