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Tribute to Legendary Bob Marley (Stamp Collection)

UniversityThe University of Texas At Arlington
Lead DesignersMersing Nguyen
Prize(s)Silver in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

This project was created to incorporate the current events of 2020. The design behind the postage stamps was inspired by the state of the postal service and the handling of the election ballots. In addition, it was also a way for me to pay tribute to legendary reggae singer, Bob Marley. He was not only talented, but also a humanitarian who made a positive impact on society. His music is a constant reminder to live in love and peace. The rainbow colors on my stamps are representative of people from every color, creed and nation; to say collectively that we are all made equal.

Awards and Prize

2019 London International Creative Contest- Honorary Recipient
Creative Quarterly 62- Graphic Design Winner
Creative Quarterly 62- Advertising Design Runner-Up
Creative Quarterly 63- Graphic Design Runner-Up
Creative Quarterly 63- Graphic Design Runner-Up
2020 International Design Awards- Graphic Design Winner (Silver)
2020-21 American Federation Awards- Graphic Design Winner (Silver)