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Fluid Gate

CompanyDos Design & Rambaq
Lead DesignersDos Design Studio
Design TeamAdrian Ramirez, Cammy Aw, Luiggi Ramirez
Project LocationManta, Ecuador
CreditsPhoto by: Paul Vera
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Arches, bridges, viaducts and gateways
Entry Description

Inspired by the shape of marine vessels and fluidity, the project was built to become a striking entrance that inspires a contemporary yet secure feel. 15 foot height curved walls create a "half tunnel" that acts as both gateway and security checkpoint for trucks. Curved lighting aesthetically ensure efficiency in the security procedures inside the gateway. Similar to the ocean, composite aluminum paneled-walls refract different colors of the day and night. The design overcomes the challenge of avoiding any roof over the lanes in order assure limitless height for the cargo passing through.


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