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Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden

CompanyC&G Partners
Lead DesignersJonathan Alger, Partner in Charge
Design TeamJonathan Alger, Daniel Fouad, Daniel Guillermo Rodriguez, Laura Grady, Will Twersky, Christian Montoro, Calista Bohling
ClientNational September 11 Memorial & Museum
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Design motifs of redaction, declassification, and crime scene investigation are central visual components of this special exhibition, featuring never-before-seen FBI and CIA documentation about the decade-long pursuit of the perpetrator if the 9/11 attacks. The exhibition was designed as a crime story, albeit a horrific one at a huge scale. Similar to a police procedural, it is a story of driven professionals who unite to pursue clues and seek justice. The exhibition uses physical space as a storytelling medium, creating a sense of place, time, and plot to amplify the museum experience.