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CompanyMarco Abbate Ph.D. Architect, Industrial & Yacht Designer
Lead DesignersMarco Abbate
Design TeamMarco Abbate Ph.D. - Architect, Yacht & Industrial Design Firm
Project LocationItaly
Prize(s)Silver in Transportation / Nautical/Boats
Entry Description

I thought to the first concept of this boat in 2019 to design a sporty yacht equipped with electric/hybrid propulsion.This differently by the standard engines systems installed of the same boats already available on the market.The idea is reduction the environmental impact of the performance crafts through the progressive elimination of the engines that use fossil fuels. Starting from an Open Fast-Commuter designed in 2018, now I present an evolution,aluminum or FRP made, equipped with photovoltaic hardtop,2 electric brushless hight performance engines and surface propellers transmission.


Marco Abbate is Licensed Architect, Ph.D. Yacht Designer for Sustainable Product, Adjunct Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Technical Advisor at the Court of Bergamo, member at RINA-UK. I am a designer since 1989 and my interests range among building renovations, houses architecture, historical buildings restoration. As Industrial and FF&E designer, I drew cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops. Moreover, I designed safety helmets. As Ph.D.-Yacht Designer, I designed hybrid propelled boats, supported by photovoltaic technology, and conducted studies for removal architectural barriers aboard.

Awards and Prize

IDA Design Award - Silver Medal 2021
IDA Design Award - Silver Medal 2020
IDA Design Award - Gold Medal 2019
EPDA Design Award - Honorable Mentions 2020