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State of the City 2020

CompanyCity of Moreno Valley
Lead DesignersTimothy Carroll
Design TeamLarry Jaime
ClientMoreno Valley Chamber of Commerce
Prize(s)Bronze in Multimedia / Broadcast Design
Project LinkView
Entry Description

State of the City, normally a luncheon featuring the Mayor’s speech before a crowd of several hundred, in 2020 was delivered online and on TV instead, thus increasing the importance of being visually as well as aurally engaging. Beginning with a beautifully designed promo video that conveyed both the somber reality of the effects of the pandemic while maintaining an overriding sense of hope, both the promo and the address itself incorporated video and graphics expertly reinforcing the overarching theme that the City of Moreno Valley is still “moving forward.”


Answering, ultimately, to a client base of 214,000 residents, the City of Moreno Valley’s media and communications team, MoVal Media, brings together the award-winning video, graphic-design and writing talents of a seasoned group of public-sector PR experts. Our daily challenge is to create attractive and memorable products and campaigns around municipal initiatives and policies that can span the city’s diverse cultural, age and language demographics to effect change, understanding and broad support. The MoVal Media team and individual members have earned numerous awards, including two Emmys.