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The Podcats

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
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Entry Description

This logo was designed for a new 3D TV and Musical show. Senzo, Mimo, Gala & Bella are videogame wharacters and the members of a cyber-vintage band : The Podcats. Carefree, they are all-out baby-rockers with a thing for pop-rock tunes. As the Podcats evolve in virtual worlds and interact with their inhabitants, thair fast-paced adventures joyfully caricature these universes.


Ian Parovel (born 1983 in France), is a French art director, film director, game designer, screenwriter, and designer living in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

While he worked for many boardgames & videogames, he's mainly known for his contributions on the visual aspects of the games.
We owe him many novelties and innovations these last years, like the train components and the "time-travelling-car" works on Colt Express, Flat "video-game" design UI in Deus, as well as more than 50+ published projects.

Awards and Prize

2006 : 1st place Festival De Courts for the animated short-movie Aldebert

2007 : 1st place Concours des créateurs d'Ugine for the game A Table

2009 : International Design Award Best in ClassInternational Design Award for art direction of the animated series The Podcats

2009 : W3 Gold Awards World Wide Web Award for technical performance on The Podcats official website

2010 : Interactive Media Awards for the dedicated games & website for The Podcats

2010 : Junior Communication Award Actukids for the marketing campaign on The Podcats

2012 : Nominated As d'or Jeu de l'année for the boardgame Fame Us

2014 : Nominated As d'or Jeu de l'année for the boardgame Koryo

2015 : 1st place Award As d'or Jeu de l'année for the boardgame Colt Express and nominated for Minivilles

2015 : Spiel Des Jahres Award Spiel Des Jahres for the boardgame Colt Express