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Warmth of Projection

UniversityShanghai University of Engineering Science
Lead DesignersYan Yue, Jiahao Yu
Design TeamJiahao Yu
Project LocationShanghai
CreditsDesign studio:WHY DESIGN
Prize(s)Silver in Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness
Entry Description

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for daily thermometry is increasing rapidly. We try to think about thermometers with simplified thinking, and try to make the process easy and fast. Finally,we realized a subconscious psychological action of the public-" glancing at the display screen, a feeling of wanting to know current body temperature". Therefore, we want to eliminate some anxiety in the process of thermometry by shifting the focus of the testee. Among them, we use the principle of convex lens imaging to project the temperature number displayed by LED on the arm.

Awards and Prize

2020 ITCD Bronze Award x3 2020.7.15
2020 China Packaging Design Competition Second prize 2020.8.25
2020 Singapore Art and Design Competition Silver award x2
Bronze Award x2 2020.9.10