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The Fern Passivhaus Apartments

CompanySteele Associates Architects
Lead DesignersOliver Steele
Design TeamPrasert Kan, Bryan Wheeler
Project Location7 Wyndham St., Alexandria, NSW 2015
ClientOliver Steele
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Sustainable Living/Green
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Entry Description

What if you could stay in a private city oasis with the warmth and personality of home? What if this oasis was solar powered, triple-glazed, and at Goldilocks temperatures year-round? Steele Associates Architects asked these “what if’s”, and answered with The Fern: The Southern Hemisphere’s first Passivhaus Certified apartments.

Energy efficiency, filtered air free of allergens and pollutants, quiet and delightfully detailed interiors, and the city on the doorstep, are all achieved without the ongoing use of fossil fuels. Its sustainable, carbon neutral accommodation made luxe.