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Tree of Life Collection

CompanySeedling Designs
Lead DesignersFabiana Alcojor - Roberto Gerosa
Design TeamFabiana Alcojor, Roberto Gerosa
Project LocationKilifi - Kenya
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The Tree of Life Collection explores the idea that nature provides for most of the materials used by the furniture design industry in the manufacturing process.

An entire collection of products harvested from one single tree, the majestic African Baobab.

The growth in furniture waste has far exceeded the world’s population growth in the past six decades, the rise of the "fast furniture" trend is creating mountains of wasted materials.

Products from the Tree of Life Collection are completely bio-degradable and compostable within our Zero Waste production policy.


Seedling Designs focuses on home and lifestyle products and is all about nature and color. We use nature as the source of inspiration for our designs creating products from all parts of the mighty baobab tree.
With its own slight variations result of the balanced mix of raw materials and handcraft manufacture each of our products is one of a kind and you’ll be amazed by it.
Inspired by the beauty of nature, we wish to spread positive vibes around the world through our unique art.
Our zero waste philosophy encourages the conservation of all resources by responsible production and consumption.