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Yinchuan Sunac City Exhibition Center

Lead DesignersZhiying Hu
Design TeamCai Jinxian, Zhang Hongguo, Huang Mengting
Project LocationYinchuan, China
ClientSunac China Beijing regional group Yinchuan company
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Entry Description

The building goes for a minimalistic design approach. The circular blocks and soft and neat curved elements are integrated into the field design, resembling a strand of silk floating on the lake to embrace Gedi Lake in a natural and elegant way. The half-moon shaped roof tilts to and extends toward the Lake. The perforated slender columns are orderly scattered under the two wings of the roof. The built-in light strips glow in the evening, making the roof look like lifted up and suspended in the sky. The slab pontoon extends into the Lake, connecting human and ecology.