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CompanyFerrari Paolo / 959®
Lead DesignersPaolo Ferrari
Prize(s)Gold in Accessory / Bags
Entry Description

RSC+P collection is made with upcycled safety belt and Piñatex™.
The new collection merges Piñatex color softness with black seatbelts elegance.

In line with 959® philosophy, the collection RSC+P consider creativity, people, planet and profit equally.
959® creations must communicate values, not just products.

959® is a trademark, which makes out of environmental commitment a strong value, a project matching design, functionality and aesthetics with the contemporary taste of modern living.


959 the new re-design brand presents its collections of fashion and home
accessories made entirely out of recycled seatbelts and eco-materials.
959 establish new relationship rules in the world of fashion and design which are
forever becoming more and more attentive towards environmental problems.
959 is a concept, style and project which links design, functionality and aesthetic
beauty through a creative philosophy in line with the contemporary taste and the
most up-to-date matters of our modern living.