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UniversityCentral Saint Martins
Lead DesignersJessica Pan
Design Teamgarment and footwear designer: Jessica Pan, head accessory: Pan Qi, shoot creative director: April Ru Wan
Creditsphoto by: Han Cheng Zhen, model: Lulu Cresantia
Prize(s)Silver in Haute Couture / Women
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Entry Description

The concept of Lover's Eye is based on the 18th century jewelry that aristocratic Englishmen and women often wore. The lover's eye was a miniature portrait depicting their lover. Due to the fact that only one eye is revealed, the subject's identity is kept a secret. My muse for this project is from the point of view of a secret mistress and the mystery that surrounds their relationship. The purpose of the garment is to embody the intimately longing yet eerie passion she has for her lover, which is represented through the surrealist silhouette of the garment.


I am currently a second year student at Central Saint Martins, studying BA Fashion Design with Knitwear. I utilize textiles as the main focus on the construction of garments and specialize in using illustration as a printing technique. I often experiment with juxtapositions in my work such as the contrast between hard and soft, eeriness and romanticism, tradition and deconstruction. I am often inspired by my family and their past and the overall mood of nostalgia. My work has previously been featured in Numero and Boyfriend magazine.