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Sustainable Multifunctional Performance Coat

CompanyDas Werk Inc.
Lead DesignersBen Jonathan Reiss
Design TeamJoshua Kweh
CreditsProduct launch end 2020/beginning 2021
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Fashion Designs / Recycle / Sustainable fashion, Bronze in Apparel Category / Garment Concepts, Bronze in Apparel Category / Apparel Projects
Entry Description

We designed and engineered a multifunctional performance Coat made of high quality 100% climate-neutral, durable membrane, which is the world’s thinnest membrane (5 micrometers thick). Membrane is recycled, PFTE & PFC-free with first water-repellent treatments free of toxic fluorocarbons. The design is timeless and a combination of a winter jacket and a trenchcoat. 3 outside pockets (2 side- and 1 breast-pocket) The invented inner pocket-layers are removable and converted per zippers to wallets.
Multifunctional, Lightweight, Water-/Windproof, Breathable = feel comfortable, warm, well dressed


I am living and working in Dusseldorf, Germany. I am a textile engineer and co-founder of Das Werk Inc. and the co-founder of the German performance clothing brand A.M.Wasser.
I have been working for Porsche Design and other international companies and brands.