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Bioplastic Skin

CompanyValdís Steinarsdóttir
Lead DesignersValdís Steinarsdóttir
Project LocationIceland
CreditsPhotos by: Axel Sigurðarson
Prize(s)Gold in Design For Society / Design for Sustainability
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Bioplastic Skin is a biodegradable packaging for meat made out of the skin of the animal itself. 
Animal hides are often considered to be a byproduct in the meat industry and if we make the choice to consume meat it is our responsibility to utilize the whole animal. The project also addresses the problem of excessive use of plastic that has become widespread and commonplace. Meat consumption and use of excessive plastic have reached a critical point and it is clear that society needs to rethink its consumeristic pattern. With this project hopefully, a platform for discussion is opened up.


Valdís Steinarsdóttir is an Icelandic designer specializing in product design. She works in Iceland as an independent designer, mainly focusing on material experiments by recycling organic matter. With her projects, she hopes to bring societal change and open up a platform for discussion and debate.

Awards and Prize

2020. Winner of Formex Nova award - Nordic Designer of the Year

2020. Shortlisted as Emerging designer of the year - Dezeen Awards

2020. MaDe Finalist - Best Industry Application

2019. Dezeen's top 10 innovative materials of 2019

2018. Winning project in the Prototype category for CAMPUS. Forum Design de Paris

2018. Nominated for the Icelandic Presidential Innovation Award