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Queen of Acorns

UniversityCentral Tehran Branch of Islamic Azad University
Lead DesignersNima Bavardi
Design TeamAbbas Sufi Nejad
Project LocationTehran
CreditsRenders by Nima Bavardi
Prize(s)Bronze in Illumination / Chandeliers
Entry Description

The particular shape of the luxury chandelier is inspired by the acorn, which is symbolized as decency, luck, power, courage and wealth. The deconstruction style of the small metal leaves brings a sense of modernity to the atmosphere of the home. The chains are Cartier style. The combination of chains and leaves let it shaped like an acorn. The chandelier is available in titanium, gold and rose gold finishing. The biggest diameter of the chandelier for the living room is 70 centimeters with 80 centimeters height and for the lobby and halls with up to 7 meters height is 120 in 145 centimeters.


Nima Bavardi was born in Tabriz,Iran. He grew up in a family with distinct taste in art.He has a passion for designing products which people use in daily life. He believes a good design should be easy to interact with and easy to understand to be loved. He considers the emotional connection between the product and its user, a key factor which followed by aesthetics, ergonomics, usability and functionality defines a good design. This is the perspective which forms his manifest as an industrial designer.

Awards and Prize

A'Design Award, The LIT Award, The Asia Prize, IDA, European Product Design Award, The GIT, Azerbaijan Design Award, The Architecture Masterprize, IDIRAN, London International Creative Competition (LICC), The Loop Design Award.