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Fake. Das Magazin

Lead DesignersRobin Schijfs
Design TeamIllustrations/contributions: Christoph Frei, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Sebastiaan van Doninck, Emma Verhulst, Thomas Ott and others.
ClientStapferhaus Lenzburg
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Zines And Flyers, Bronze in Print / Print Editorial
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Entry Description

This magazine explores the topics of fake and truth, and features all elements you would expect from a traditional news magazine. It is a parody on the aesthetics of the well-known German news magazine ‘Der Spiegel’. Though conceived as an extension of the exhibition ‘Fake.The whole truth’, it also stands on itself with rich articles and interviews. Kossmanndejong was responsible for the art direction, design and curation of the illustrators. The Stapferhaus did the content direction. The magazine might be a parody, but the level of detail and the density of high level content make it special.


Kossmanndejong is an Amsterdam-based design studio specialised in exhibition design and interior architecture. With 25 years of experience, our portfolio includes over 80 projects worldwide, ranging from temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums to visitor centers, historic sites, brand experiences and engaging interiors. Through a combination of different media and collaboration across disciplines, we aim to design meaningful, narrative spaces that inspire visitors, appeal emotionally and provide lasting experiences.

Awards and Prize

- Council of Europe Museum Prize 2019 for Museum fur Kommunikation Bern
- European Design award 2019 for FAKE. The Whole Truth
- Grand Prix 2019 for National Maritime Museum of Iceland
- Museums + Heritage Award 2018
- Interior Design Firm of the Year 2017 from the American Architecture Prize
- Project of Influence 2017 for Micropia
- European Design Award 2017 for Offshore Experience
- Kenneth Hudson Award 2016 for Micropia
- Themed Entertainment Award for Outstanding Achievement 2014 for Wonderkamers
- SEGD Global Design Award 2014 for Longing for Mecca
- several International Design & Communication Awards