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Noho Move™ chair

CompanyAquafil x Noho
Lead DesignersRichard Shirtclife
Design Teamnoho
Project LocationUnited States
CreditsMade with ECONYL regenerated nylon
Prize(s)Silver in Design For Society / Design for Sustainability
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The noho move™ chair is made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon for its sustainable and regenerative qualities to reimagine conventional furniture design. The noho move™ chair was created to transform the traditional static nature of home furniture by integrating the dynamic ergonomic comfort of a premium office chair and sustainable design, to create a chair that flexes and flows with any body and can last a lifetime.

noho is the first furniture brand in the world to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon in a chair. noho move™ chair, launched online at www.noho.co on April 21.