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Colorful journey: stairwell signing

CompanyStudio Duel
Lead DesignersStudio Duel
Design TeamStudio Duel
ClientProDemos: House for Democracy and the Rule of Law
CreditsPrinting company: Be-Ink|Photography: Sophie Mylou
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics
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Entry Description

Colorful journey

Hundreds of young people roam the ProDemos stairwell every day. All looking for a floor where they can get to know politics and law in an interactive way. Up to now, the way up has been started reluctantly. We wanted to change that. Inspired by the interactive nature of ProDemos, we came up with an exciting idea for decorating the stairwell.

Our focus these days is more on the screen in our hands than forward or up. We used the ceiling for our design. This way the attention is directed upwards.

Each floor has its own color palette. This makes climbing stairs fun again.