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The Cube - Paperweight Light

CompanyStudio A+
Lead DesignersMin Wang
Design TeamStudio A+
Project LocationBeijing, China
ClientBeijing National Aquatics Center
CreditsPhoto by: Su Chen, Xin Zhang
Prize(s)Bronze in Illumination / Designer Lighting
Entry Description

Unlike traditional Chinese paperweights, The Cube appears to be unconventional with its transparent material. Its see-through feature enables readers and calligraphers to read and write with ease and elegance. Covering the entire surface of the cube, the translucent bubble pattern gives an additional layer to the cube as a way to articulate its spatial depth. At night, it can be transformed into a portable lamp with vivid colors when an E-base is applied. One can control the 15 different modes of lighting simply with a touch on the smart E-base.